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Apply for Visa to Spain
in St. Petersburg

Appointment for the Consulate

Appointments once booked cannot be cancelled. One appointment must include all the applicants who need to obtain a visa (including minor children and children included in a passport)

The requirements of national visa / residency / studies as well as the corresponding application forms, and information on applicable fees, can be found on the Consulate's website

Visa applications for family members of European Union nationals listed below, which travel with their family member or to meet with him/her in Spain, do not need a prior appointment, and can present their application at the Consulate at any time between 09:30 and 14:00 hours:

-Spouse or registered partner

-Direct descendants and those of their spouse or registered partner, under 21 years of age, older than this age who are dependent or incapable

-Direct descendants and those of their spouse or registered partner who are dependent on them (documentary evidence of economic dependence must be documented)

-Other members of the family who, at the time of the request, certify conclusively that:

* In the country of origin, are in your charge or live with the EU citizen.

* For serious health or disability reasons, it is strictly necessary for the EU citizen to take care of the personal care of the family member.

-The de facto couple with which the EU citizen maintains a stable relationship duly proven.

If you cannot get an appointment in time to make your trip to Spain, please contact the Consulate through the email

"NOTICE: if the email address and phone number with which the appointment was requested do not match those of the applicant, the Consulate will not accept the visa application. The applicant must bring to the Consulate a copy of the appointment confirmation that the system automatically sends them by email"

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