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In Moscow


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Please note that if necessary, the Consulate General of Spain may request additional documents relating to travel, and also invite the applicant to the Consulate for an interview.

Processed documents can be collected at the Visa Centre by:

  • The applicant upon submission of an identity document and the receipt of payment;
  • Applicant’s close relative (children, parents, siblings, spouses, grandparents, grandchildren or nephews), when submitting an identity document and the necessary documents to prove the relationship (birth certificates, marriage certificates, documents confirming the change of surname / name) and the receipt of payment;
  • Travel agency or a commercial intermediary accredited at the Consulate General of Spain in Moscow;

Once you have received your passport, is very important that you verify next data on your visa:

  • Visa validity terms;
  • Number of days of stay;
  • Name and surname spelling;
  • Passport number and series;
  • Consulate’s stamp;
  • In case of minor’s included in the parent’s passport, the visa for the minor.

Important Note: If you find an error or some of the details above described is not in place, please head for the pass back counter.

In case of refusal:
The reasons leading to a visa refusal are duly reflected in the report of resolution. This resolution puts an end to the proceedings. Against this resolution is possible to file an administrative appeal to the High Court of Justice of Madrid (Spain) within two months from the day following the date of notification of that decision.

Also, in accordance with what was stated in the letter of refusal and in accordance with article 116 of Law 30/1992 of 26 November, on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure, be possible discretionary appeal for reinstatement in within one month from the day following the date of notification of this decision. The appeal under Article 110.1 of the Law 30/1992, must state:

  • The name of the appellant as well as the identification of means and, where appropriate, the place as is for notification purposes.
  • The action that is being appealed and the reason for its challenge.
  • Place, date and personal identification of the appellant.
  • Body, centre or administrative unit to which it is addressed.
  • Other particulars if required by the specific provisions.

The appeal must be submitted in printed form in Russian, English or Spanish language and must be signed by the applicant in person or by duly authorized representative.

Appeals can be submitted at the Visa Application Centres from 9.00 to 16.00 every working day.

Please note:
A visa is no guarantee for access into the Schengen States.

The final authorization remains within the competence of the Immigration Officer at the border. In addition to a valid passport with a visa (except for exempted nationals), every foreigner, when entering Spain, should be in a position to produce to the Immigration Officer the following documents:

Concerning his/her Stay in Spain

  • For tourism: hotel reservation
  • For a professional visit: letter from the employer and an invitation from a Spanish company or organization
  • Proof of a Medical Insurance, covering all type of expenses including doctors and/or hospital fees and social assistance
  • Concerning his/her Means of Living
    Financial Guarantees: Job certificate indicating salary.
  • Money Availability: € 90 per day/ person with a minimum of € 810, or credit card with the extract of the bank account (extracts obtained in the Internet will not be admitted), travel checks or a recent certificate of exchanged currency.
  • Guaranties of Return
    Air Ticket (double way)
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