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All the residents in the consular district of the Consulate General of Spain in Moscow (Central, Southern, Far Eastern, Siberian, Ural, Volga and North Caucasian Federal Districts) wishing to apply for a transit or a short-stay visa (up to 90 days in periods of 180) can:

Submit their applications in any of the Spain Visa Application Centres. You can schedule your appointment here

Any Visa Application must be submitted personally or, by a third party only in the exceptional cases provided by the Consulate General:

Applicant’s close relative (children, parents, siblings, spouses, grandparents, grandchildren or nephews, aunts and uncles) upon presentation of necessary documents to prove the relationship (birth certificate, marriage certificate, documents proving change of name/surname).

A travel agency accredited by the Consulate General of Spain

All foreign nationals legally residing in the territory of the Russian Federation must submit the visa application personally. Also, note that when submitting the application, the original documents to prove relationship (birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of change of name or surname) must be shown.
In all other cases, the submission of visa applications on behalf of third parties is not possible.

Visa applications sent by mail or courier cannot be accepted

The application for a Schengen visa has to be made in the Consulate of the country where the main purpose of travel lies. Therefore, please check your travel plans before making your application to the Consulate General of Spain in Moscow. In case you are planning to travel to multiple Schengen countries, please make your application to the Consulate where you are going to stay for a longer time. In the case you are visiting several Schengen countries and you are planning to stay in each of them the same number of days / nights, you should arrange a visa at the Consulate of the country of first entry.

The visa application must be made not earlier than 6 months prior to the travel date, and seamen – 9 months prior to the travel date. Please, note that you need to apply for a visa at least 15 calendar days prior to your intended travel date.

All fees will be paid by Cash as mode of payment with effect from 15th April 2019.

  • The lists of required documents for the visa application process can be found here
  • Information on requirements for urgent visa applications can be found here
  • Information on tariffs for different types of visas can be found here

As per the new Russian law on personal data protection, all applicants who are applying themselves or through a courier representative need to ensure that the forms are signed by each Individual and submitted along with their application. To download these forms please Click here.

Dear applicants, please note that incomplete documents shall not be accepted!

Important to Note: Applications for Long Stay visas (Studies of more than 90 days and Residence) must be submitted directly at the Consulate General of Spain in Moscow, prior appointment.
Please note that the Visa Application Centre staff won’t take a decision on your visa application, and won’t influence the review of your documents at the Consulate.

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