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España en Moscú

Servicios adicionales

En el centro de solicitud de visados se puede encontrar siguientes servicios adicionales:

S. No. Services Price Description
1 SMS 150 Rubles

Short Messaging Service (SMS) automated messages is to update the applicant on status with regards to the visa application process

2 Courier Delivery Service

Tariff is charged according to courier zone. (You can check the price at visa application centre while submitting your documents).

This service assist applicant's to receive their passport returned at any convenient address with the inconvenience of travelling to visa application centre at the end of the application process

3 Courier After Submission

Tariff is charged according to courier zone. (You can check the price at visa application centre while submitting your documents).

Missed to book courier service during submission? email and book it now

4 Premium lounge
Monday to Friday (Moscow) : 8000 Rubles

Relax in the Lounge and submit your application with personalized, Monday to Friday.
- Separate Premium Lounge
- Dedicated Staff
- Complimentary Refreshments
- Photocopy of documents- upto 10 pages complimentary
- Form Filling Service
Important note: Using the premium lounge service does not guarantee the right to grant the visa or process the visa faster, Issuance of Visa to Spain is the sole decision of Embassy of Spain in Moscow.

5 Flexi Hours

Monday to Friday (09:00-15:00, 17:00-18:00): 600 Rubles per Passport

This service provides the flexibility to collect the passports (pre and post) the normal passport collection time. To avail this service please talk to the Submission Officer during submission of your passport.

6 Prime Time Submission

Monday to Friday : 5 000 Rubles per Application

This service allows the applicants to submit their application, if you have missed the opportunity to book an appointment or missed your scheduled appointment during opening hours of the Visa Application Centre.

7 Rush collection

Monday to Friday (Moscow) : 1 000 Rubles - Individual Applicants

Collection of documents in a comfortable Premium lounge at any time the visa center is open.

8 Personal Assistance

2500 Rubles Per Application

Avail the Escorted Service through the complete Visa Submission Process. This service includes:
- Documents checking
- Visa Application Form Filling
- Priority Application submission
- Priority Biometrics submission

9 Form Filling 400 Rubles Per Application Form

Walk-in the Visa Application Centre to avail the personalised form filling assistance service to complete your Visa Application form

10 Photo Booth 400 Rubles

Get your photograph clicked as per the Schengen Visa Application Form required specifications

11 Photocopy Service 60 Rubles Per Page

Get photocopy of your original documents at the application centre

12 Printing Black and White: 100 Rubles Per Page

Forgot to bring your Hotel Reservation, Flight Tickets, other documents required for Visa submission?, Don't Worry!
Get your documents printed in Black & White.

13 Retrival of Receipt 400 rub

Reprinting mandatory ICR receipt for passport collection

14 Insurance According to insurance company tariffs

Travel Insurance is mandatory for travelling to Spain. You may get your travel insurance from any authorized Insurance company in visa center.

Mobile Biometrics Service
Number of Applicants Cost in Rubles
1 Applicant 11 379
2 Applicants 20 482
3 Applicants 29 054
4 - 10 Applicants 37 930
11 - 15 Applicants 54 998
16 - 20 Applicants 68 274
21 - 25 Applicants 83 446
26 - 35 Applicants 109 997
36 - 40 Applicants 121 376

Wish to submit the Visa Application at the comfort of home / office at a convenient time. Please send request to mail -  or fill online form the Mobile Biometric expert and same time.

Please Note:

a. Schedule an appointment and we will collect your visa application form, documents and biometric data at the place of your choice. Once the application is processed, we will return you the passport via courier.

b. Children below 12 years of age – 2 773 rub.

c. Please note that effective from 15th April 2019 the fees for additional services are paid only in cash at BLS Spain Visa Application Centre.

d. Please, note that if you purchased and paid online any of additional services, you must print out the fiscal receipt and present it at the submission counter at visa application centre. Otherwise, you will need to pay for additional services one more time at the cash desk at visa application centre.

Attention Applicants : BLS Visa Application Centre do not promote and is not responsible for any service's purchased by any third party vendor outside the Visa Application Centre.

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