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Additional Services

At the Spain Visa Application Centre you can find the below mentioned additional services:

Item RUB
Photocopying service RUB 10
SMS service to track your passport RUB 100
Form Filling service optional RUB 200
Courier (Passport delivery at your home / office address) RUB 250
Mobile Biometric Applicants, who are unable to visit VAC for their application submission, can avail this service. To know more, read the information given in this page.
Mobile Biometric Service

BLS is pleased to offer Mobile Biometric Services as a convenient, time-saving and relaxed way of submitting your Visa Applications from the comfort of your home or office as per convenience.

Applicants / Groups may schedule an appointment and your visa application forms, documents and biometric data will be collected at the place of your choice by our Mobile Biometric Officers. Get to know the status of your application at every stage through SMS and your passport will be returned to you by courier post processing.

To know more / avail this service please:
Call: +7 (499) 348 15 18
Our team will contact you as soon as we receive your request.

Mobile Biometric Service Fees
Number of applications Amount in Rubles
1 9685.5
2 17433.9
3 24730.31
4 – 10 32285
11 – 15 46813.25
16-20 58113
21-25 71027
26 - 35 93626.5
36-40 103312

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