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IMPORTANT UPDATE :   On the Occasion of ‘Labor Day’ Spain Visa application, Saint petersburg remain closed on 01st May 2017.

‘We will accept the documents for the applicant traveling in the month of May only, and we request applicant who are flying in the month June & july may book their appointment respectively and according to their departure date to Spain’.

‘We request all applicant to book appointment 2 weeks prior to their departure date, it will help us to reduce the waiting time and to give you hassle free process for submission of visa application’

Welcome to the Spain Visa Application Centre.

Welcome to the website of the Spain Visa Application Centre. Welcome to the website of the Spain Visa Application Centre. This website provides information on how to apply for a Schengen visa to travel to Spain as your main country of destination. If you follow the guidelines on this website, you will be able to submit your application accurately. This will reduce the chances of your application being rejected due to incomplete or faulty submission of documents.


The Embassy of Spain in Russia, located in St. Petersburg, are pleased to announce the opening of their Visa Application Centre operated by BLS International Services Ltd. in St. Petersburg. This service is available for Russian nationals who wish to apply for tourist, business or transit visa to Spain.

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