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Apply for Visa to Spain
in St. Petersburg


Dear Applicants,

As part of the protocols against the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to apply for a visa without visiting the visa center in person.

Postal service is the possibility of submitting documents by sending a package of documents to the visa center through an authorized courier service DHL.

This service can be used by applicants who have previously issued Schengen visas, and have submitted biometric data for the last 59 months, as well as children under 12 years old at the time of opening the requested visa. The consulate may require re-fingerprints if it deems it necessary.

This service is provided exclusively to individual applicants or families planning a joint trip.

To book this service, please send a request to with the following data:

  • Full name of the applicant/s
  • Contact phone
  • City of sending the application/s
  • Proof of a Schengen visa issued within the last 59 months

Or fill out the module below for feedback.

(Additionally in attachment)

The cost of the service for processing an application received by courier delivery is 450 rubles. incl. VAT.
Visa fees, as well as the cost of DHL courier delivery in both directions are paid separately, depending on the zone of dispatch and return delivery.


The applicant is solely responsible for the completeness of the submitted documents by postal service. In case of non-compliance / lack of required documents, as well as in case of impossibility to submit an application for a visa, the paid fees (except for the visa fee) are not refundable.

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